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Made in europe

Talan was founded in 1923 as a small workshop. Today Talan belongs to an influential group of leading companies with two shoe factories in Europe. In more than 80 years, there was always further development. Today it is undoubtedly that Talan has achieved a leadership position in ensuring safety and occupational safety. TALAN is a group of the leading light industry companies that produce more than 3.5 million pairs of safety and military shoes annually for the chemical areas of oil and gas, but also for industries, black and non-ferrous metallurgy, automotive and metalworking companies, transport and energy ministries , Ministries of Construction and Agriculture. In compliance with European standards for living and working conditions, the group's specialists have used modern technologies made of directly molded nitrite rubber and polyurethane sole shoes and have produced the models of shoes.

Talan offers customers a wide range of safety shoes in all safety classes. The reliability of the products has been proven through several years of experience.


Every worker should be guaranteed reliable occupational safety based on quality safety shoes.