White safety shoes

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HK workwear: white safety shoes

There are various requirements for safety shoes. One of them is that the work shoes have to be white. If you work in medicine, for example as a nurse, or as a nurse, then white work shoes are mandatory. But white safety shoes are also usually prescribed in the laboratory, in nursing, in cleaning or as clinical staff with other tasks in hospitals. White shoes are also advantageous in catering as a cook or waiter. This makes it easier to spot dirt on the shoes.

All that has to be considered with white safety shoes:

White shoes according to the relevant standards DIN EN ISO 20345 for safety shoes, DIN EN ISO 20346 for protective shoes or DIN EN ISO 20347 for professional shoes all meet the basic requirements. They all have a petrol and oil resistant sole. In addition, from SBEA or S1 there is an energy absorption in the heel area and an antistatic sole. Work shoes often have a heel strap to increase wearing safety.

Which white shoes for which purpose?

As a nurse, doctor or nurse, the basic requirements for professional shoes are usually sufficient. A heel strap is important. Many of these professional groups also value a toe cap, a sick bed quickly rolls over their feet or something falls down. Other requirements are required in the laboratory: resistance to oils or petrol is usually added, and light protection against moisture could also be advantageous on the white safety shoes. The situation is different in production, where you often need white S3 safety shoes with a water-repellent surface or a passage safety.

There is often a certain risk of slipping in all areas. On the other hand, you are optimally protected with the non-slip sole with SRA, SRB or SRC.