Welding shoes

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Schweißerschuhe oder Dachdeckerschuhe

In addition to the usual dangers, such as falling workpieces, welding metal or bitumen sheeting creates further dangers due to welding beads or open flames. Right there you need welding shoes or roofing shoes that protect you optimally during such work.

If the worker wears the wrong footwear during such activities, there is a risk of burns to the skin or an acute risk of fire at the work place.

welding shoes:

  • As a professional welder: In these professions in particular, proper protection against welding beads or open flames is important. Something quickly falls into the shoe behind the flap and bad burns are inevitable.
  • Roofers or tinsmiths: There is an acute fire risk in the field of roofing art, especially when working with bitumen sheets or when soldering sheet metal. Safety on the construction site is the top priority here.
  • Workers with indirect contact (for example at the shipyard): In other industries it can happen that welding shoes are absolutely necessary. Do you work as a painter at the shipyard? Most of the work is done hand in hand with welders, which also requires optimal protection of the feet. Our shoes are also suitable for all professional fields in which protective clothing is prescribed by the professional association.

Welding shoes S3 from HK workwear: Your safety is important to us

Pay attention to the HRO or HI marking. These two abbreviations stand for a high heat resistance of the sole and a high heat protection of the shoes. Regardless of these points, a high level of comfort at work is almost as important. You spend the whole day in safety shoes, so they just have to fit comfortably.