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Work shoes S3 / safety shoes S3: For the high safety protection of your feet

Arbeitsschuhe S1 and Sicherheitsschuhe S2, but go even further. The toe cap is particularly characteristic: it must be present on every S3 safety shoe and can be made of different materials. For example, aluminum and steel are suitable. The main focus is on the energy load, which must be at least 200 joules to ensure the safety of the toes against, for example, falling objects. As with all shoes from class S1, work shoes S3 must also have heel cushioning to protect them when walking over uneven terrain.


As with all other safety classes, the upper material used must withstand all external influences and must not be attacked by liquids such as oil or petrol or even dissolved by contact with certain substances. Work shoes S3 also withstand all weather conditions: A particularly characteristic feature is the resistance to water. The rejection of any liquids by the S3 safety shoes is stipulated in a standardized manner over a period of at least 60 minutes. After that, only a maximum of two grams of water may get inside the S3 work shoes within the next 30 minutes.

In addition, your HK professional clothing retailer also supplies antistatic versions of the S3 safety shoes for the electronics sector.

S3 work shoes are mandatory in a variety of professional fields:

  • Fire brigade and THW: Safety shoes S3 are mandatory, especially in fire brigade professions or at the technical relief organization (THW). Every second counts towards saving lives or reducing damage to people and the environment. Special firefighting boots with Velcro fasteners prevent unnecessary binding of the S3 work shoes and thus contribute to important time savings in an emergency.
  • Forestry: In the area of forestry, especially when working with chainsaws, EN ISO 17249 requires work shoes S3 with cut protection. In addition, they should have special ankle protection and a minimum shaft height of 19.5 cm.
  • Construction: For work on the construction site, wearing the right S3 safety shoes is essential for personal well-being. Work shoes S3 for construction workers must have a particularly thick and puncture-proof sole so that they can be safely on the construction site. Special midsoles are referred to as puncture-proof soles, which are encased by another outsole (usually made of rubber) and thus ensure particularly effective protection of your feet from external influences. For work shoes S3 in construction, there is also a robust upper material, such as robust leather. In addition, safety shoes S3 are also suitable for use in damp areas and therefore for work in all weather conditions. Our work shoes S3 from HK workwear are equipped with toe protection. Despite their high weight, our shoes are very comfortable to wear.
  • Electronics: Electricians should pay particular attention to well insulated shoes, as this can prevent electric shocks at the workplace.

Our shoes are also suitable for all professional fields in which protective clothing is prescribed by the professional association.

Safety shoes S3 from HK workwear: Your safety is our top priority


High security with simultaneous comfort - that's what HK workwear stands for as your competent specialist dealer for Arbeitskleidung.Our S3 safety shoes for men and women impress with their high-quality workmanship and high resilience, water resistance and safe protection of the feet.

In our Berufsbekleidung Online Shopyou can expect an extensive range with different designs in trendy designs - so that you look good in every work and everyday situation and also are completely protected.

We also offer work shoes S3 from the latest, high-quality brands, but also in affordable price ranges, so that we can offer employers and employees a large selection for their individual needs.

Safety shoes S3: Large selection for every challenge


In the S3 work shoes area you will find various boots and loafers with different shaft heights. Our range of sizes ranges from 37 to 51 as standard - you can contact us for special sizes, we cover your individual needs as best as possible.

Not just for work: Our S3 safety shoes are versatile. Protect your feet on extensive trekking or hiking tours, gardening and also on other occasions in the private sector.

We are of course at your disposal for further questions on the subject of Arbeitsschuhe günstig and safety classes.