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Safety shoes S2: So that you are safely on the job

Proper footwear is mandatory, particularly in the area of occupational safety. Your feet must be carefully protected from stress and external influences every day. The appropriate footwear should also be comfortable enough - because we spend a lot of time at work and want to feel comfortable here too.

We generally differentiate betweenSicherheitsschuhe S1, Sicherheitsschuhe S1P, Sicherheitsschuhe S2, Sicherheitsschuhe S3 and classes S4 and S5. The German occupational safety law and the respective professional associations prescribe which class you need.

Safety shoes S2: reliable footwear for many industries


Safety class S2 includes shoes, loafers or boots. Safety shoes S2 must have a toe cap, such as work shoes S1 and work shoes S3. This can consist of different materials. For example, steel or titanium are suitable, but plastic is also possible. It is only important that the cap withstands a pressure load of at least 200 joules. Your toes must always be protected against falling objects, especially when working with machines, but also in the kitchen, for example. With the material for the toe protection for safety shoes S2, you are otherwise free to choose: choose what you feel most comfortable with. We would be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice at HK workwear.

Heel protection is also characteristic of safety shoes S2. In contrast to safety class SB, the heel area - like the toe area, by the way - must be closed to ensure perfect protection of your feet. If you change the safety shoes S2 frequently at work or need to quickly put them on and take them off again, we recommend a model with a practical Velcro fastener.

The sole of safety shoes S2 requires safe oil and petrol resistance (additional requirement FO). The material properties prevent damage caused by these liquids, which are used in many work areas. Among other things, this ensures safe protection of your feet from burns, for example due to hot oil in the catering trade.

Especially in the electrical industry, employees need antistatic safety shoes S2. The additional designation for this is A: Safety shoes S2 must not be statically charged unintentionally, because a discharge can damage sensitive electronic components.

Safety shoes S2 are often used in canteen kitchens and canteens because they work with different oils and liquids. This also applies to the food industry. Thanks to their antistatic properties, the shoes are also suitable for the field of microelectronics. Also in the emergency medical service, Arbeitsschuhe für Pflegeare worn to avoid electrostatic interactions between paramedics and patients. Due to the water-impermeable surface, you can also use safety shoes S2 in damp areas.

Safety shoes S2 from HK workwear: your reliable partner when it comes to occupational safety and workwear


As experienced specialist dealers in occupational health and safety, we know what is important: in our Berufsbekleidung Online Shop your safety and well-being come first. That is why there are many S2 safety shoes for men and women in our large stock range - with a trendy look and reliable quality

We also carry models from well-known manufacturers such as Puma, Santos or ERGOS. Due to the extensive selection you will find at HK workwear the shoe that fits your individual taste and your personal needs. All S2 safety shoes have one thing in common: they are robust, comfortable and reliably protect your feet in accordance with the prescribed standards of your professional association..

At the same time, you can get workwear, Arbeitskleidung günstig, for example trousers, jackets and vests from HK workwear.

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safety shoes S2 . If you buy 20 pairs or more, we'll be happy to give you a discount - so you can get a lot of Arbeitsschuhe günstig