Safety shoes S1

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Work shoes S1 / safety shoes S1: solid protection for everyday use

Safety class S1 is mandatory in industries where no serious external influences can be expected. Therefore, work shoes S1 do not have a puncture-proof sole, since it cannot be assumed that the surface of the work place is uneven and that there are dangers from pointed and sharp objects that occur on construction sites, for example. In addition, safety shoes S1 are not suitable for work in damp areas because they do not meet the standards for water impermeability..

In general, work shoes S1 reduce the risk of injury toes through the prescribed protective cap, which is made of steel, plastic, titanium or aluminum, for example. It effectively protects against crushing and weight effects up to 200 joules.

In contrast to footwear of higher safety classes, safety shoes S1 do not have a comparatively heavy weight, since you do not have to meet high requirements with regard to material strength and robustness. Work shoes S1 are characteristically comfortable and airy and can also be left on after work or worn during leisure.

You will also find safety shoes S1P in our range. These have the same properties as work shoes S1, but have a puncture-proof sole. Safety shoes S1P thus effectively protect your feet from objects lying on the floor.

Work shoes S1 from HK workwear are suitable for the following professional fields:

  • Chemical industry and laboratory: Since a lot of work is done with liquid chemicals in laboratories and production halls and floors are usually tiled, there is an acute risk of slipping at these workplaces. Therefore safety shoes S1 for use in the chemical industry should have particularly non-slip soles to counteract falls. Especially in plant engineering, where machines are used, but also in many other industries, S1 work shoes with toe protection are mandatory. The oil and petrol-resistant sole is another advantage when working in the laboratory.
  • Microelectronics: For shoes for the electronics industry, the most important thing is the antistatic effect of the material to protect the wearer from sudden To protect against electric shock. In the field of microelectronics, work shoes S1 are sufficient, since moisture must not enter the working environment and the feet do not have to be additionally protected against water.
  • Medicine: Despite the versatility of medical professions, they have one thing in common: strict hygiene regulations. Therefore, work shoes S1 should be particularly easy to clean and disinfect. The color white is also usually prescribed for the work clothing of medical personnel - the shoes should therefore also meet this criterion. Since timing is important in these professions, large distances have to be covered in a short time, especially in hospitals. The heel protection of safety shoes S1 is particularly advantageous for this. At HK workwear, we offer you a large selection of work shoes for care .
  • Carpenter: S1P safety shoes are ideal for carpentry professions because the feet are completely protected by the puncture-proof sole.

Work shoes S1: Are they still leisure or safety shoes S1?


Our S1 work shoes and S1P safety shoes can also be worn after work: due to their light weight and trendy look, the HK workwear shoes don't look "fresh from work". You can easily keep safety shoes S1 on, for example if you want to go out with your colleagues after the end of work. Our low shoes are particularly suitable for business appointments outside of regular working hours: For your individual business look, the S1 work shoes can even be combined with a shirt and suit and look just as high-quality as your outfit. Get out of the laboratory and off to the meeting - without changing your shoes.

You can also find work shoes cheap in the other safety classes in our workwear online Shop :

You also get not only work shoes S1, S2 and work shoes S3, but also the higher safety classes, as well as workwear cheap .

In addition, the work shoes from our range can also be integrated in a variety of ways in your free time: Protect your feet reliably when gardening, for example, or use them as trekking or hiking shoes.

A large selection of work shoes of various safety classes awaits you at HK workwear


HK workwear is all about occupational safety: We have a large range of workwear in stock, in particular shoes of various safety classes, such as work shoes S1 and safety shoes S1P for women and men in many cutting-edge designs.

Do you have any further questions about S1 work shoes or S1P safety shoes? Our friendly service team will be happy to help you with any concerns.