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HK workwear - cheap ESD shoes from online retailers

If you walk over an office carpet and then touch something metallic, the charged voltage will discharge. ESD shoes prevent this by leading the load to the floor beforehand. With normal shoes, you can quickly destroy electronic components such as circuit boards, chips or magnetic data carriers

With our ESD work shoes according to EN 61340-5-1, the electrical volume resistance is in the recommended range between 7.5x105 to 3.5x107 ohms and can therefore be called ESD shoes.

ESD shoes: Some important points about safety shoes

What is ESD?

ESD (Electro Static Discharge) are voltage breakdowns caused by large potential differences. These cause a short high current and can ignite substances or destroy components.

What factors influence ESD shoes?

The climate, the degree of soiling of the shoes and the material properties of the surface influence the dissipation of the electrostatic charge.

What is protected by ESD safety shoes?

The material or the workpiece is protected by standard-compliant ESD shoes. ESD shoes are not there to protect the wearer.

What else is important?

ESD shoes should not only protect objects optimally, they also have to be comfortable to wear. With us you will find comfortable ESD work shoes at a low price.