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Construction shoes: S3 safety shoes from the dealer

There is always something lying around on the construction site, a false nail in the wood and it has already happened. If you then do not wear construction shoes with penetration protection, the nail is quickly sunk in the foot. There are also many other dangers lurking on the construction site. It is also important to have a certain degree of security against moisture, or materials such as cement are stressed. An S3 safety shoe protects against most dangers on the construction site.

Construction shoes: What needs to be considered:

Basically, the following security classes are distinguished:

Security class SB:

  • Toe cap: The characteristic feature of the lowest security level is the toe cap, which has to withstand a load of at least 200 joules. This is a basic prerequisite for the designation "safety shoe" and has the function of protecting your toes against crushing and falling objects. It is available in every security class. The toe cap can be made of different materials. Plastic, steel, titanium or aluminum are often used.

If you get your work shoes cheaply from HK workwear, we would be happy to advise you on which material is suitable for optimal protection of your toes in your work area.

  • Heel area: The heel area of ​​shoes in safety class SB may be open - this is particularly advantageous for professional fields in which the shoes have to be put on and taken off quickly and often.
  • Typical work areas: Medical field, Pflege, some laboratories

Safety shoes S1:

  • Antistatic:Class S1 shoes generally have to meet the same requirements as SB, but at the same time the ESD standards must be observed. These relate to the protection of the shoes against static electricity, for example, in order to be able to work safely in the field of microelectronics.
  • Oil and petrol resistant: In addition, S1 safety shoes must have a petrol and oil resistant sole.
  • Typische Arbeitsbereiche: Laboratory and chemical industry, microelectronics, hospital

Safety shoes S2:

  • Waterproof: In addition to the norms from S1, shoes of class S2 are impermeable to water in order to ensure safe work in damp areas.
  • Typical work areas: Gastronomy, food industry, rescue service

Reliable work shoes are also cheaply available from HK workwear in higher safety classes.

Safety shoes S3:

  • Puncture-proof: A puncture-proof sole is a midsole that is edged over the regular sole. In addition, this is covered with insulating material, which is why shoes in safety class 3 are also suitable for firefighting professions and the technical aid organization. Otherwise, S3 shoes meet the same requirements as those of class S2. Are you looking for cheap work shoes in class S3? Take a look at our extensive range.
  • Typical work areas: construction site, fire brigade, THW
305/5000 S3 shoes are usually the best choice for the construction site, a certain protection against moisture and penetration is guaranteed by this safety class. Proper care of the shoes is particularly important as this is the only way to ensure protection against the ingress of water.