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HK Workwear: Buy work shoes cheaply from specialist retailers

Are work shoes cheaply available from specialist retailers? The answer is very clear: yes, because in our extensive range we at HK workwear offer you high-quality workwear at fair prices. Our safety shoes are suitable for all professional fields in which protective clothing is prescribed by the professional association.

If you want to buy cheap work shoes , you should definitely inform yourself beforehand whether a certain safety class is mandatory in your professional field


Before you buy work shoes cheaply from HK workwear: you should note that


A basic distinction is made between the following security classes:

Security class SB:

  • Toe cap:The characteristic feature of the lowest safety level is the toe cap, which has to withstand a load of at least 200 joules. This is a basic prerequisite for the designation "safety shoe" and has the function of protecting your toes against crushing and falling objects. It is available in every security class. The toe cap can be made of different materials. Plastic, steel, titanium or aluminum are often used here..

If you get your work shoes cheaply from HK workwear, we will be happy to advise you on which material is suitable for optimal protection of your toes in your work area.

  • Heel area: The heel area of shoes in safety class SB may be open - this is particularly advantageous for professional fields in which the shoes have to be put on and taken off quickly and often.
  • Typical work areas: Medical field, Pflege, some laboratories

Safety shoes S1:

  • Antistatic:Class S1 shoes generally have to meet the same requirements as SB, but at the same time the ESD standards must be observed. These relate to the protection of the shoes against static electricity, for example, in order to be able to work safely in the field of microelectronics.
  • Oil and petrol resistant: S1 safety shoes must also have a petrol- and oil-resistant sole.
  • Typical work areas: Laboratory and chemical industry, microelectronics, hospital

Safety shoes S2:

  • Waterproof: In addition to the norms from S1, shoes of class S2 are impermeable to water in order to ensure safe work in damp areas.
  • Typical work areas: Gastronomy, food industry, emergency services

Reliable work shoes are also cheaply available from HK workwear in higher safety classes.


Safety shoes 3:

  • Sure-footed:
  • Typical work areas: Construction site, fire brigade, THW

Our range also includes not only Arbeitsschuhe S1, Arbeitsschuhe S2 und Arbeitsschuhe S3, but also S4 and S5. These denote waterproof boots, which in class S5 must also be puncture-proof. Boots are particularly robust and protect the ankle and foot from twisting due to the high shaft height.

In our Berufsbekleidung Online Shop you can alson get Arbeitskleidung günstig, such as jackets, vests or trousers


Cheap work shoes: HK professional clothing is your competent specialist dealer for occupational safety


Your safety is important to us, which is why we specialize in the specialist trade of protective work clothing. With competence and rich experience, we would like to help you to feel safe and secure in your job. You can find many work shoes cheaply in our online shop and in all common safety classes, including from well-known brand manufacturers. Do not only feel protected at work, but also comfortable - so make sure that you buy the right fit for your shoes, because you wear them during the entire working time.

If you want to buy work shoes cheaply, you will find many models from well-known manufacturers at HK professional clothing: A large selection that meets every individual taste. We would be happy to advise you on the size and personal requirements and would be happy to explain which security class you should look for in your job.

Our service for you: If you buy cheap work shoes from us, a 14-day right of return applies. So you can try on the shoes at home in peace and convince yourself of the excellent quality. We also guarantee you an uncomplicated exchange.