Work shoes for care professions: comfortable shoes for the right appearance

Nurses travel a lot on the job every day. If you wrote them down once, it would probably be several kilometers a day. For this reason, it is important for staff to wear comfortable work shoes for care professions , which are firstly even prescribed by the professional association and secondly are a must for feet and stability.

The right position also ensures a healthy and correct posture: Comfortable work shoes for care jobs can therefore prevent back and joint pain. The footwear also prevents you from slipping, twisting and other potential dangers at the workplace.

Whether in the nursing home, in the practice or in the hospital - every working day, work shoes for nursing professions are exposed to great strain and many external influences. The shoes are particularly robust thanks to their particularly durable and high-quality materials. Working shoes for care professions reliably protect your feet with a comparatively low weight and can offer you effective protection with a comfortable fit.

Work shoes for care professions: You can rely on a high level of stability and the best possible comfort

In many cases, the color white is prescribed for the clothing of nursing staff at the workplace - your work shoes for nursing professions should also meet this criterion. With uniform service clothing, a special external effect is often to be achieved and the typical characteristics of your work clothing will immediately recognize you as a specialist in the workplace.

Furthermore, the specifications for work shoes for care professions of the trade associations regulate further features: It is particularly important to have a shoe that is closed at the front in order to minimize the risk of injury to your toe. This is particularly important for patient transport and for moving beds and wheelchairs.

In addition, the heel area should also be closed, as this is the only way to ensure optimal stability. At the same time, a stable stand also ensures a back-friendly way of working and protects against twisting. Fast running is particularly important in emergencies: this is encouraged by the closed heel area.

At the same time, the sole of work shoes for care professions should have good slip resistance to prevent accidents caused by damp or dirty floors - especially in hospitals, where there are many people every day. For sufficient stability, unbent soles with a large footprint are also available. Shock-absorbing soles are also recommended: These additionally reduce small impacts and at the same time protect the joints.

Good work shoes for care professions relieve the spine and joints and are also easy to clean

There is also a low heel for work shoes for nursing professions. The professional association recommends wide heels with a height of less than two centimeters so that the body weight can be optimally distributed. This also relieves the spine because the pelvic position is not changed.

You will also find work shoes for care professions at HK workwear made from a particularly robust and water-repellent upper material that gives your feet additional protection. In addition, a particularly breathable lining can conduct moisture from the foot to the outside.

Especially in the area of care, hygiene is the be-all and end-all: It is therefore best to wear at least two pairs of shoes alternately. Work shoes for care professions should air at least overnight. It is best to put the shoes outside, but never in the blazing sun or on the heating, as the material is exposed to high temperatures.

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