About us


The current partners Danny Kluwe and Roy Heydrich decide to do online trading together. The products are sent to customers from the garage.


After the first order of a full sea container with goods, it became imperative to move to new premises. In March we moved to an office with storage facilities in Alber-Schweitzer-Strasse in Groß Lüdershagen.


In order to meet the increasing demands and orders, 2 additional employees were hired.


H&K Handel GbR is founded.


New capacities were needed, so a new move to new premises was inevitable. In October we moved into an office with storage rooms in the Rostocker Chaussee in Stralsund. Additional sea containers with goods were ordered.


The world's largest manufacturer of work shoes cleared its entire warehouse, so we acquired almost 150,000 pairs of work shoes and 24 40" sea containers to create storage capacity at short notice.


In order to further optimize the processes, we moved into a 850 sqm warehouse with high-bay system and over 800 pallet spaces.


We now also included work clothing and work gloves in the range.


We changed our complete ERP and shop system and hope to be able to offer our customers an even better shopping experience.


With over 40,000 pairs of safety shoes sold, we end the year 2019 positively.